We love children. We take care of your oral health by preventing future pathologies.

Pediatric dentistry is the specialty that takes care of the oral health of infants and children. The main reason why an early visit to a pediatric dentist is important is for prevention.

In our clinic we have a specialized pediatric dentistry team, led by Dr. Anna Parellada, who will treat your child’s oral and dental development in a personalized way. Anna will help you to establish good hygiene and feeding habits and will take care of the function of the chewing apparatus until adulthood.

We recommend the first check-up when the first milk teeth (primary) appear or before the age of one year, to prevent the appearance of dental caries and to guide parents on the correct sucking habits, which will contribute to the good growth of their maxillary bones (the ones that support the teeth).

Adequate information on hygiene and dietary habits will benefit the oral health of the child, since dental caries, the most commonly diagnosed pathology in children, is 100% preventable, and it is important to detect and control risk factors before it develops.

Caries in baby teeth advance more rapidly than in permanent teeth, that is why in our clinic we recommend periodic control visits that do not exceed 6 months.

Advantages of having an odontopediatrician

Connecting with the little ones

Anna Parellada’s special connection and sensitivity with children makes them break the barrier of fear of the dentist from an early age.

Child prevention programs

Our specialist places special emphasis on the prevention and control of dental caries, offering parents a personalized prevention program that will prevent the appearance or development of the pathology.

Children's multidisciplinary team

The Dra. Parellada has extensive knowledge about the development of children’s jaw bones. During follow-up visits, specific studies are carried out through radiological tests to verify that growth is adequate. If any anomaly is detected, she will work the case with our orthodontist specialized in children.

Bone growth studies

Our orthodontist, Dr. Pons has accumulated a lot of experience in orthodontics for children and adolescents. She and her team conduct advanced studies on the skeletal development of children in order to act at the right time and thus avoid complex treatments in adulthood.
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Doubts about pediatric dentistry

Doubts about pediatric dentistry

Is it worth treating childhood caries?

Yes. In addition to chewing, good care of the baby teeth influences the correct development of speech and the bones that support them (maxilla and mandible). They also serve as a guide for the permanent teeth to erupt in a proper position. Its characteristics cause caries to advance more rapidly, causing ascending pain to the child until it reaches the nerve.

When is the 1st visit to the pediatric dentist recommended?

The first visit to the pediatric dentist should be made when the first milk tooth erupts (temporary) and no later than one year of age. At this age we can prevent and correct malocclusions more easily, guiding parents on the correct sucking habits and thanks to the malleability of their bones. Establishing good hygiene habits, fluoridation, nutrition and regular visits to the pediatric dentist from a very young age will prevent the development of childhood caries.

What is a pediatric dentist?

He is a dentist specialized in the comprehensive care of children. Once she finished her dental degree, she completed a master’s degree in comprehensive child care, where she acquired more specific knowledge and tools to provide the best care for the little ones. The pediatric dentist will accompany your child in his or her oral and dental development until adulthood, establishing good hygiene and eating habits, and performing periodic check-ups to prevent and avoid the development of dental pathologies.

Are X-rays dangerous for children?

Radiographs are a very important diagnostic tool for evaluating childhood caries and jaw bone development. We make them only when necessary. Radiation from our technology is minimal and we always take all necessary protective measures. There is no need to worry.

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