Symmetrical, aligned smiles with Invisalign G7, digital technology and advanced diagnostics

Advantages of CEREC orthodontics

Our invisible orthodontics Invisalign aligns teeth and corrects bite problems through comfortable and invisible aligners, restoring aesthetics to your smile and in relation to your facial structure.

All of our Invisalign cases are 100% digital. We take the records of your mouth in 3D and we dump them into a software so that our specialist can do the digital planning.

Dr. Abboud’s training and experience have made him a reference in the world of invisible orthodontics. Successfully resolves your cases through advanced diagnostic testing, quality studies and today’s most reliable retention system.

Benefits of Invisalign Orthodontics


Invisalign G7 aligners are virtually unnoticeable.


You can take them off to eat and brush your teeth, avoiding food accumulation.


We will take your records with a 3D scanner, avoiding the uncomfortable conventional printing pastes and obtaining more accurate measurements. In addition, you will avoid the friction, sores and metals of orthodontics with brackets.


After a few days you won’t even notice you’re wearing them.


We perform your orthopantomography, teleradiography, digital records and photos of your bite in the clinic in a single session.


We use the safest retention system available today, maintaining long-term results and avoiding future orthodontics.


Our orthodontist has solved many cases with the Invisalign technique, making him a Platinium Elite doctor of the house.


We have a system that accelerates the movements of Invisalign orthodontics, significantly reducing treatment time.

Healthy gums

All orthodontic treatments are supervised by our gum specialist. In the indicated cases, we recommend a gum study prior to treatment.

Conservative and minimally invasive dentistry

Our specialist achieves magnificent results by moving your teeth as little as possible and avoiding any unnecessary extractions.

Questions about Invisalign orthodontics

Questions about Invisalign orthodontics

Why choose Invisalign orthodontics?

Removable, comfortable, hygienic, esthetic: Invisalign invisible aligners have many advantages over braces. Its advanced system and our technology allow our cases to be 100% digital, achieving a more comfortable treatment, with a more precise, safe and aesthetic result.

What does digital technology bring to orthodontics?

  • Reliability: All phases of your treatment are digitally planned, allowing for a more predictable and secure plan of action. In addition, you will be able to see your final smile through a computer before you decide to start.
  • Accuracy: We take the measurements of our patients’ mouths in 3D, obtaining more accurate records.
  • Convenience: We avoid the annoying printing pastes of the traditional process.

How important is the orthodontist in your Invisalign treatment?

The orthodontist’s training and experience are key to accessing quality orthodontic treatment. For Invisalign cases, you will also need to have specific training in digital dentistry to get the most out of the technological tools that allow us to apply this system.

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