High-end materials and digital technology for more esthetic and reliable prosthetics

CEREC Technology

Dental prostheses are ceramic, zirconium or resin structures that we use to reconstruct damaged teeth or replace them in case of loss.

In our dental clinic we use the most esthetic ceramics and zirconium and the most advanced connection systems to rehabilitate our patients’ mouths.

Our CEREC digital technology makes your case planning more accurate, your visits more comfortable and your results faster and safer.

We have specialists in prosthesis with extensive knowledge in aesthetics and dental occlusion. They will accompany you throughout the process and will take care of all the necessary tests to make your rehabilitation a success.

CEREC Technology

Upper rehabilitation with zirconium prosthesis

Rehabilitation with veneers and ceramic prostheses.

Advantages of our dental prostheses


We use high-end ceramics and zirconium and we work with prestigious laboratories that can give your prosthesis the brightness, color and texture that best suits you.


Digital records are more accurate than traditional ones, achieving a better fit between the prosthesis and the tooth or implant. For implant-supported prostheses we use original Straumann connections, which are currently the most reliable.


We take the measurements of your mouth in 3 dimensions with the intraoral scanner, thus avoiding the uncomfortable pastes of the traditional process.


Digital technology allows us to reduce the design and fabrication process of prostheses in fewer steps.

Minimally invasive dentistry

Our specialists intervene as little as possible on your natural tooth before the prosthesis is placed.


We work with fixed and removable prosthesis depending on the needs of each patient. We customize all prosthetic treatments.

Doubts about dental prostheses

Doubts about dental prostheses

Why go for a digital system in your dental prosthesis?

  • Precision: The dentist works on the preparation of your tooth with a high magnification in 3D, respecting your natural tooth as much as possible.
  • Safety: We obtain more accurate records by scanning your mouth in 3D.
  • Convenience: We avoid the uncomfortable pastes of the traditional process.
  • Speed: We shorten the design and fabrication process of your prosthesis.

How important is the connection between the prosthesis and the implant?

The attachments chosen to connect a prosthesis to an implant are essential to ensure the durability of the treatment. In our clinic we use the original Strauman connections, the safest available today, avoiding loosening and dental emergencies.

Which materials are the most esthetic in dental prostheses?

High-end ceramic or zirconium prostheses perfectly imitate a natural tooth. The skills of the prosthetist working with these materials are essential to achieve an esthetic, natural result that mimics the patient’s facial structure.

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