Get a white smile with our LED technology and the best whitening gel.

How is our teeth whitening?

Our teeth whitening is an aesthetic treatment that restores a natural white color to your teeth, giving that extra touch to your smile.

We have a state-of-the-art LED lamp that lightens teeth up to 8 shades, eliminating all stains and imperfections.

In addition, we provide a whitening gel and custom-made splints to reinforce the treatment at home and for annual maintenance.

Our team of dental aesthetics will make a preliminary assessment to recommend the treatment that best suits you. We will give you a protocol with all the necessary instructions to make your whitening a success.

Advantages of our teeth whitening

LED lamp nº1

The technology of our LED lamp minimizes sensitivity, prevents tooth dehydration and maintains the natural brightness of the tooth.

Painless treatment

Our absolute isolation system prevents soft tissue pain.

Intact enamel

There is no damage to the enamel if you follow the instructions of our team of specialists.

Before and after photos

We take professional photos of your initial and final color so you can see the difference.

Permanent white

We customize in-house post-treatment and annual maintenance to maintain the white color in the long term.

Before and after teeth whitening

Before and after teeth whitening

Doubts about teeth whitening

Doubts about teeth whitening

How to access quality LED teeth whitening?

Not all LED lamps are of equal quality. The first level ones achieve a greater clarification of the teeth, reduce sensitivity to the maximum, avoid tooth dehydration and maintain the original brightness of the tooth. It is necessary to rely on a dental clinic with qualified specialists in dental esthetics to have access to the most advanced technology, to protect the dental enamel and to obtain an excellent esthetic result that lasts over time.

Types of professional teeth whitening available

There are two types: LED whitening and splint whitening.

  • The first one was performed with a state-of-the-art LED lamp in the clinic.
  • The second is performed at home in several sessions by applying the whitening gel on custom-made splints.

In most cases it is advisable to combine both techniques. In our dental clinic a specialist in aesthetics will recommend your best option.

How long does the effect of teeth whitening last?

If you rely on a dental clinic with the latest LED technology, with advanced dental esthetic equipment, follow the protocols indicated during treatment and visit the clinic once a year for dental hygiene and maintenance whitening with splints, the whiteness will be maintained in the long term.

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