We create harmonious smiles with customized designs, the most natural porcelain and the least invasive techniques.

What do our dental veneers look like?

Our dental veneers are thin, highly esthetic porcelain shells that solve problems of color, shape, size and position of the teeth.

Our Digital Smile Design technology allows us to design your smile and customize it before treatment begins. In addition, we will test your design in the mouth with a provisional material so that you can see the result before deciding.

Once the design is agreed upon, your veneers will be fabricated in a prestigious laboratory with high-end ceramics. A specialist will give them the final finish to give them the color, shine and texture that best suits you.

At Clínica Puyuelo we have an advanced dental aesthetics team led by Dr. Roldan, currently professor of the Master’s Degree in Aesthetic Dentistry at the UIC and opinion leader of Dentsply Sirona, a pioneer brand in technology and products for dental aesthetics. Our team will accompany you throughout the process and will involve you from start to finish.


Natural smile with our porcelain veneers.

Exclusive design by our esthetic team.


Natural smile with our porcelain veneers.

Exclusive design by our esthetic team.

Advantages of our dental veneers

Renowned ceramist

The fabrication and finishing of our veneers is carried out by a renowned ceramist who is considered an ‘artist’ in today’s dental esthetics.

Veneers without milling

We work with micro veneers or veneers without grinding in the cases indicated by our specialist: they do not require preparation of the teeth.

Predictable results

With the digitalization of the treatments we achieve more precise, long-lasting and predictable results: you will be able to agree with the specialist what your new smile will look like.

We respect natural teeth

We place veneers with minimally invasive techniques: we keep natural teeth intact as much as possible using adhesive methods.

Multidisciplinary team

We have a multidisciplinary team that supervises all aesthetic treatments before they are carried out, preventing any dental condition from compromising the success of the treatment.

Alternative to ceramics

We work with composite veneers for those patients who prefer a more economical but less durable solution.

Natural smiles

We are happy to see the satisfaction of our patients with the naturalness of their new smile.

Before and after dental veneers

Before and after dental veneers

Design with 4 ceramic veneers

Design with 6 ceramic veneers

Rehabilitation with inlay veneers

Bleaching and 6 porcelain veneers

Rehabilitation with ceramic veneers

We solve your doubts about dental veneers

We solve your doubts about dental veneers

How important is the professional who places the dental veneers?

From the initial assessment and digitization of the case to the placement of the veneers, the specialist has to make many decisions and engage in a constant coordination process. To achieve a desired esthetic result that is durable and respectful of the natural tooth, you will have to perform tasks that require technical skills and a great deal of precision.

How important is the ceramist who makes the veneers?

Finding ‘The Artist’ is essential to achieve an aesthetic and natural result. Good ceramists are able to work the veneers by printing the color, brightness and texture that perfectly imitate an original tooth. In addition, they are coordinated with the clinical aesthetic specialist to match the design and finish to the patient’s facial structure.

What is the 'digital smile design' technology?

It is an ideal tool for patients who want a customized smile or who are undecided and want to see the result before starting. Once we take the digital records of the mouth, we use the smile design software to meticulously design the position and shape of the new teeth. In this process, doctor and patient interact until the desired design is achieved. Once agreed upon, we make a provisional mock-up that we will try in the mouth, so that the patient can enter into the reality of the treatment before starting.

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